Weather-it aims to explore the creation of an active and sustainable community for citizens to engage in successful online investigations. The participants of the project are people (experts and non-experts) interested in weather from all around Europe. The project takes place on the online nQuire-it platform.

Weather-it: The story: Here you can find the story of the Weather-it project, from the idea to up-to-now.


weatherit map

Members of the “Weather-it” community will be able to:

  1. Create a profile: describe who you are and let us see as much information as you want us to.
  2. Create a mission: there are three types of mission sense-it, spot-it, win-it according to your preferences and your investigation’s needs
  3. Search and view all the missions: missions are waiting for you on the homepage!
  4. Join a mission: it’s simple, just enter the mission and click join!
  5. Add data: can you help the mission-er out?
  6. Invite people to join your mission and the community: What about going to a mission with a friend? Facebook, twitter or email them to join you!
  7. Comment on a mission or on its data: do you agree? Do you know something we don’t? Knowledge is to be shared!
  8. Vote for data or comments: thumbs up (or down if needed)!
  9. Write on the forum topics: Tell us who you are, you are one of us now!
  10. Meet people with the same interests!
  11. Check… who is online?

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