Weather-it: The story

From rocks to cloudsWeather-it aims to eliminate the issues that prevented Inquiring Rock Hunters to conduct group investigations and also to allow easier communication within the community.

Weather-it is an intentional community and the means for exploring the creation of a community of scientific investigations.

Weather (meteorology) is an attractive topic which concerns all of us and has many enthusiasts and therefore it was preferred for the project.

Read more about the potential of the community here
Technology requirementsThe technology for weather-it project should be able to support the investigations, the collaboration between the participants and the communication. Thus, participants should be allowed to create investigations or join others' investigations. In addition, it has to provide attractive, usable and useful technology for the participants.

The technology requirements' document includes features such as profiles, comments, forums, personal messages, viewing other participants, voting, badges, top poster/investigation, content sharing, news feed, subscription, etc.

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nQuire-it platform and sense-it mobile app.nQuire-it platform and sense-it will consist the technology for the Weather-it project. nQuire-it platform is a place for people with interest in exploring and sharing data and ideas. Sense-it android application lets you access the sensors of your smartphone. Sense-it application provides connection with the nQuire-it platform; in this way the data are automatically uploaded to the platform.

nQuire-it platform and sense-it android application where created as a part of a Nominet trust funded project. The leader of the project was my supervisor Professor Mike Sharples who worked along with the researchers Eloy Villasclaras-Fernandez and Thea Herodoutou for its implementation.

For the weather-it project, some of the features mentioned in the technology requirements were applied to the nQuire-it platform.
nQuire-it: From investigations to missionsnQuire it platform uses the term "missions" for the investigations. As a result, Weather-it project adopts the term and from now on the "weather investigations" are called "weather missions".

nQuire-it has three type of missions:
1. Sense-it mission: You can automatically upload to nQuire-it the data you have collected via your sense-it android app.
2. Spot-it mission: You can capture images and upload them to nQuire.
3. Win-it mission: You can set or accept challenging questions, vote for the best one and win a prize.
Weather issuesBefore the participants arrive, the platform should already have some missions for them to start with. Although nQuire-it already accommodates some missions, weather missions need to be created. For this purpose I contacted Dr. Stephen Lewis and asked his advice and his ideas for weather missions. Therefore, weather-it will start with these missions.
Calibrating light sensorsAs one of the sense-it missions uses the light sensor, the sensors in various devices should be checked and scaled if needed. For this purpose, I created a mission that compares light sensors from different devices. For the measurements I used a Halogen 42W light bulb of 630 Lumen, I placed the devices flat 1 metre away from the light and uploaded 3 series from each device. The measurements for all the devices were taken consecutively, using the same light source, ambient light and distance from the light. An expert is currently helping me to analyse the data.
The mission can be found here

Weather-it ambassadorsWeather-it ambassadors will form the core-group of the community. Nobody likes joining a dead community and for this reason people from different countries who are interested in weather, are currently receiving invitations to help create the community.

The most important targets of this group is on the one hand to put up content on the platform, and on the other hand to share the platform with their network and invite their friends to join them.
Ambassadors who already accepted the challenge come from U.K, Belgium, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Germany, Sweden and Spain.


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